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Five Reasons There Isn’t A ‘Toriko’ DVD Release Yet

When FUNimation picked up the streaming rights to Toriko, it was taken as a sign by many that if it did decently, we’d end up seeing the series hitting the home video format at some point. The show has now been airing for a year and it’s been doing very good numbers in Japan, ranking weekly just behind One Piece, and there’s even been a crossover or two as the audiences are similarly aligned at times. With it having been this long, we started to wonder why FUNimation hasn’t made the leap to the next level and talked about picking up home video rights and getting some of its dub on with it. The more we dug though, the more we found out that there’s something pretty strange going on here and you understand quickly why it’s taking such a long time to bring a popular show out. And unsurprisingly, a lot of it comes down to unusual licensing conditions that are being placed upon it since it’s viewed as a marquee property.

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