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Last Night’s Toonami Premiere

CSICON: "Let’s take a look at the new 2012 Toonami as well as discuss what could grow or kill the fledgling revival."

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prettygirl12342758d ago

I think it was a lot like the original sceptically more adult

TheColbertinator2756d ago

Wonder how the ratings were.

SynGamer2756d ago

To be honest, 12-6AM slot is terrible. I understand there are plenty of people who will stay up until 3AM on a Saturday, but how many of them are doing that JUST for anime?

Now, 9PM-3AM would have been MUCH better IMO. They recycle the shows at 3AM currently, in my proposal they would recycle at midnight, which would actually be useful.

Kurylo3d2756d ago

I agree... its set up for failure from the get go.