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Fate/Stay Night anime Review[AnimeToxin]

Fate/Stay Night is a shounen-based action fantasy romance drama series that centers among seven teams (one master and one servant) trying to fight each other in order to win the Holy Grail. For this series to follow the shounen genre, the results were nothing short of impressive compared to other shounen-based series.

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geniusgamerdoc2967d ago

One of my all time Favourite Action/Romance ANIME!

Fate Zero is way better in comparison to this though.
What do you guys think??

wishingW3L2967d ago

I liked Fate/Stay Night (not as much as you though). Then I watched the first season of Fate/Zero and didn't like it one bit. It was so boring that I don't think I will watch the second season... Well, I watched the first episode of the second season but didn't like it, so the chances of me continuing the series are really slim.

To be honest, I wasn't even going to watch the Fate/Zero pre-quel because to me it looked garbage even on the trailers but then the guro in the manga caught my eye but it was completely removed off the anime. =/

********Watch at your own discretion! Obviously this is only a drawing so it shouldn't be that disturbing as posting a picture of the real thing.

Lucretia2966d ago

huh? i mean its ur opinion but u thought the first 2 episodes of season 2 were boring???? how the heck? those 2 episodes were filled with so much action, not to mention great.

love the anime, you seem to only like violent anime if you only care about the gore.

you should watch Berserk (an older anime) its great and has some good gore

geniusgamerdoc2967d ago

I feel ufotable has done a better job animating Fate zero compared to studio deen.

Lucretia2967d ago

yeah it looks absolutely amazing. Especially Sabers Excalibur In Zero.

i love stay night and Zero so much. Carnival phantasm is a great watch aswell if your in the mood for some Fate stay night/ Melty blood comedy

aswell as the Ova of Fate Prototype which has a male saber

geniusgamerdoc2967d ago

Will Fate/Zero end after season 2?

Or will there be a Spinoff or a Movie.

Lucretia2966d ago

no idea actually if it will end in season 2. i actually hope not. since there has been so many episodes and there is still alot to cover. i mean im only oon episode 15 so i dont know how far it will get.

did any of you guys See the unlimited blade works movie? Soooo well animated, so much fighting!!!!

aznrunner18812966d ago

If anyone liked the fate/stay night anime, they should try playing the visual novel. It is worlds better, offering an extra arc that was never animated, not to mention more details and character development.