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Blood-C: The Last Dark Film's 1st 8 Minutes Streamed

Yahoo! Japan's Movies website began streaming the first eight minutes from the Blood-C: The Last Dark film on Tuesday.

Manga creator team CLAMP developed the story and original character designs for the earlier Blood-C television series and this upcoming film. Production I.G has been animating both projects, but Naoyoshi Shiotani (Tokyo Marble Chocolate, key animator on Blood+ and Blood-C) is directing the film instead of the television version's director Tsutomu Mizushima. Writers Jun'ichi Fujisaku and Nanase Ohkawa (CLAMP), animation character designer/chief animation director Kazuchika Kise, and voice cast members Nana Mizuki (Saya Kisaragi) and Kenji Nojima (Fumito Nanahara) are all returning from the television series.

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wishingW3L2520d ago

man, this series was so bad. 10 episodes of meaningless crap to then all of a sudden get good for the last 2 and let the story open for a movie. This is crazy business.