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Anime News Network Review: Motto To Love Ru

Theron Martin: For a year now Rito Yuuki has been living with his younger sister Mikan and Lala Satalin Deviluke, the alien princess who adores him, and life is as crazy as ever. Whether it's Lala's twin younger sisters dropping by (one of whom flirts with him regularly), Lala's devices putting him in compromising positions, his attempts to confess to love-of-his-life Haruna going awry, or dealing with an array of weird alien creatures, Rito always seems to have girls around seeking his romantic attention and/or knocking him into next week for sexual harassment-styled transgressions that are almost never his fault. The complications aren't just his, either, as his friend Saruyama has unknowingly fallen for Rito's female form, Yami finds Mikan trying hard to befriend her, Kotegawa realizes that she isn't beyond love, and Run discovers that the star of “Magical Girl Kyouko” has much more in common with her than she would have guessed.

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