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BLACK LAGOON Anime Review, fistful of carnage -AnimeToxin

The production values for the show are certainly excellent, some of the best to have come out of 2006. It shines during the action scenes, which are very fluid and detailed, but overall has no real flaws other than the occasional lapse in consistency.

The characters are well defined, although I felt the focus given to the characters was rather strangely distributed; Revy and Rock (the two main characters) aside, the rest of the Black Lagoon barely garnered any attention.
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geniusgamerdoc2983d ago

One of the Best Action anime of 2006.
Is Season 3 coming??

Instigator2983d ago

The 5 episode OVA Roberta's Blood Trail is pretty much season 3, and probably the only Black Lagoon anime we'll see in a few years since it covers the manga up to it's hiatus in 2010.

myps42982d ago

Best action anime with a likeable female lead.

Lord_Sloth2982d ago

This anime was awesome. I need to track down Roberta's Blood Trail to see it now.

geniusgamerdoc2982d ago

Has the Roberta's blood trail ended?? or is it still Ongoing OVA?

Lord_Sloth2981d ago

I honestly don't know. Sorry.