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Can Ni No Kuni possibly play as good as it looks? - Preview [GamrReview]

Karl Koebke writes:"Few games could have me as excited as Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch does. The idea of being able to walk through a world created by Studio Ghibli is the kind of magic that dreams are made of. The demo I played through had two sections: a free roaming romp through the overworld, and a more obviously linear trek through a city run by pigs dubbed by one of the characters as “Hog Heaven”. Walking around the overworld is probably what all those classic JRPGs would be like if they were made for current hardware. Sweeping vistas and rolling hills with monsters trotting around like they own the place. Nothing is as nostalgic for a long time JRPG gamer like myself as an epic looking overworld. "

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