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Why Kingdom Hearts III should have Multiplayer

KHPlanet: "This article is in response to Luke Frazier of the Gamer Association. He states in his article, 'Five Reasons to Keep Multiplayer Out of Kingdom Hearts III', that Kingdom Hearts III should not have multiplayer because it would take away time from the development of the third game and that people would not want to play this mode for certain reasons. Kingdom Hearts is also my favorite franchise and like Luke Frazier, I grew up with it during my middle school years. I do think, despite our likenesses, that he is wrong."

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aDDicteD3455d ago

nice article,, i agree and it would be a nice addition to have a online multiplayer mode on KH3 maybe kinda like in the birth by sleep and the same way with uncharted that you level-up and unlock something when you reach a certain level. plus it'll be great if you could customize your own character, skills and weapons in that mode