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Beware Parents! Your Child Could Get into The Animes

Kotaku: "Via Tumblr Yaoi Fight, here are some signs that your child might be under the influence of the substance commonly known as 'The Animes'."

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CLOUD19833503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Embarrassing article if u think that coming from Kotaku, I was under the impression that Kotaku is all about Asian culture not only games if I was wrong then just forget it, but if not and I am right then WTF this article doing there? ~.~

We r not in the 80's anymore where anime out of JPN was almost non existent now more & more ppl watching anime & they r fans of many shows & imo that's a good thing because most western cartoons r crap, there is countless gr8 Anime u can watch with deep mature stories & amazing action scenes & some of them is for me much better than the most high budget Hollywood movies.

PFirefly3502d ago

It's a joke article. Did you even bother reading it? Doubtful.

prettygirl12343502d ago

Calm down if it was a real beware of anime article then they'd be a mob of anime fans ready to destroy the person who wrote it ^.^ they might even make a movie of it called revenge of the anime lovers

Zichu3502d ago

Let's see...

I started watching anime as a kid which started as DBZ on Toonami. I also watched Ultimate Muscle, DB and DBGT, etc.

Once Toonami disappeared, I didn't really know where to watch anime. I started watching it again at around 13 or 14 on Crunchyroll. I don't think I ever added -chan, -swan, -chwan, etc to the end of other peoples names.

I also never signed up to deviantArt O.o

I'm not saying that this happens to everyone, but I do find it silly that as soon as you start watching anime that you sign up to deviantArt and start adding JP honorifics.

I'm almost 20 years old and I still watch anime on a daily basis. I enjoy it and I still haven't done any of that stuff that was listed.

Oh well...