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GRENADIER Anime Review, laws of Physics redefined- [AnimeToxin]

Grenadier is an anime that most people ought to enjoy seeing once. It isn't a genius work of art or anything, but it is something enjoyable to pass the time with.

And at only 12 episodes, it would be a good way to take a break from some long, serious anime you happen to be watching. Cause it's about as light an anime as you can stand, really. While I say that it's almost too lighthearted, it just fits, and it kind of warms you up. You may laugh at or scoff at those sappy moments in life, but more often than not, they still warm you up inside. This is one of those.

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geniusgamerdoc3451d ago

I think Grenadier is better compared to Ikki Tousen and Tenjou Tenge.
What do you ppl think??

Simon_Brezhnev3449d ago

Well Grenedier was average to me. Tenjou Tenge was better. I can hardely remember Grenadier.

shreeveera3451d ago

Tenjou tenge is better imo.