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Honey and Clover Complete Collection Review [Capsule Computers]

Benjamin Webb of Capsule Computers writes:

"Aside from a few good points and a copious amount of extras, I’d definitely recommend against getting this series if you are not partial to romance anime series. The whole concept, I felt was dealt with in a way that was inferior to other productions in the same genre. However, If you’re looking for a series that has a good value for money, this one would probably be your best bet. The series bolsters a plethora of extras, 36 entire episodes with two bonus episodes and a storyline that will keep you engaged, even if one particular character is annoying as crap."

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masterabbott3501d ago

Not my kind of anime, might pass this up.

Lavalamp3501d ago

The series is god-tier just for being so incredibly introspective. Using the bike as a metaphor for self-discovery is brilliant.