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Top 6 Most DISTURBING Anime Scenes ever

For those of you who think Anime is for kids, think again.Anime can be as disturbing and gross as a Hollywood flick with insane amounts of Violence, Sadism, and down-right Disturbing stuff.

Here is a list of few Anime with horrendously disturbing themes.

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shreeveera3444d ago

The ending of School Days makes me feel sick in the Stomach and the whole Higurashi Anime was totally Disturbing.


i say the most disturbing anime scenes i've seen are from Another ( Anime ) the expression and the way they die pretty scary stuff. I'm just waiting patiently for Corpse Party to get a green lit for an anime adaptation and then i'll call that the most disturbing anime of all

Zefros3443d ago

Agreed, that anime was pretty twisted and effed up, it's like higurashi, very mindfucking.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3444d ago

No death was particularly disturbing. Sure death litters the series but like, it's almost always heart attack.

Pushagree3444d ago

Not one single mention of tentacles? This list is likely incomplete.

mt3443d ago

I watched it I felt it wasn't disturbing as people said and described it.
the problem is if you hate killing and you watch this animation thinking it is all about drama/romance otherwise, the animation scenes aren't disturbing.

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geniusgamerdoc3444d ago

Pretty good article.

How many ppl here think Elfen Lied must have been included ?

shreeveera3444d ago

Paprika and Blue Gender also have a whole bunch of disturbing themes.

reznik_zerosum3444d ago

disturbing themes always mean relevant and true themes

NovusTerminus3444d ago

Disturbing moments? The final moments in "A Study in Murder: Part 2" From Kara No Kyoukai... Though the whole series was twisted.

Also, the revived mother from Fullmetal Alchemist was messed up.

JAMurida3444d ago

For me, this one stuck with me for a long time when I saw it back then:

Just the humming part alone was enough if you know what I'm saying...

pompombrum3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Clannad After Story.. is probably the most disturbing anime I've ever seen.. the fact it's so campy and happy throughout then they drop emo bombs on you left right and centre.

Gantz had it's fair share of disturbing moments too as did the entire first episode of Ga Rai Zero.

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