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Want Xbox 720 to conquer Japan, Microsoft? Make Monster Hunter 5 exclusive

OXM: "At the time of writing, there is exactly one Monster Hunter game available for an Xbox console in Japan - Monster Hunter Frontier, released for Xbox 360 and PC in June 2010 to critical acclaim. Which just goes to show, you can have enough sofa change to wallpaper Buckingham Palace with £50 notes three times over, inside and out, and still be thicker than two short planks."

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Tuxedo_Mask3446d ago

Not gonna happen, but ok.

Black-Helghast3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

This is so stupid its funny. Thats like saying: Wanna conquer United States, Playstation 4? Make Halo 5 exclusive.

Edit: Changed Xbox 720 to United States.

Kurylo3d3446d ago

Well... they got a point... that would make them conquer the united states... lol.. Just don think its the point u were trying to make. Halo is huge.

Black-Helghast3446d ago

What are you talking about? o.0 Dude I'm saying the odds of MH 5 being xbox exclusive is the same as Halo 5 being Playstation exclusive. Halo is huge but so is Monster Hunter.

Kurylo3d3446d ago

yea but monster hunter is possible. With enough money it can be bought.

Instigator3445d ago

It's debatable, but I don't think an exclusive Monster Hunter would turn things around for MS in Japan. Not by itself, at least. I don't doubt that MH would be a huge hit even on Xbox or that it would propel the 720 to the one million mark quickly. What I do doubt however is it's ability to keep the weekly sales of the console neck to neck with the PS4 or Wii U to stay relevant in Japan.

One look at the sales numbers for the franchise and it's safe to say that a MH on console doesn't hold nearly the same weight as a handheld version. You have the two PS2 games at 600K and 300k versus the three PSP games ranging from 1.3M to 5.3M, and MHTri for Wii at 1M versus the 3DS port's 1.5M (and increasing).

The Wii and PS2 was well established brands in Japan when MH hit and the MH itself had become one of the biggest franchises by the time Tri released, but still failed to do on the Wii what had become a huge success story on PSP. Don't get me wrong, 1M sales in Japan is impressive, it's just that the MH stayed on the charts for years and singlehandedly kept the PSP afloat in Japan. Monster Hunter won't do for the 720 what it did for the PSP, although with its superior online it could overtake the Wii version.

If MS got in good with Square Enix too things might turn out differently. I don't think SE would put their biggest franchises in MS' basket, though.