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VIDEO: Crystal White PS Vita Makes Shigeru Matsuzaki Sing

Sony's latest PlayStation Vita ad campaign in Japan officially made its debut, and it's all about the new crystal white Vita. To celebrate the sleek-looking portable, Sony enlisted singer/actor Shigeru Matsuzaki. His storied career is loaded with music, as well as a few acting roles, including Cobra in Osamu Dezaki's 1982 Space Adventure Cobra film. Here he is summoning all his powers to push that sweet, sweet crystal white.

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Tuxedo_Mask3445d ago

Shigeru Matsuzaki's singing made me want to get a white PS Vita, but seeing a Pawa Puro game in the clip sealed the deal.

Why don't they release those games in the West? If they don't want to use the Japan League teams they can just past generic ones over them, I'd still buy it!

Lavalamp3445d ago

Alright Sony, I'll buy your Vita. Just give me more of this.