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Entertainment Weekly Names Perfect Blue One of "The 50 Best Movies You've Never Seen"

In its July 6th issue, American media magazine Entertainment Weekly published their list of "the best yet least-seen films from the past two decades," listed alphabetically "because ranking movies that are already underrated just seemed cruel." Satoshi Kon's 1997 breakout anime feature Perfect Blue made the list.

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andron3436d ago

Great movie. RIP Satoshi Kon...

hazelamy3436d ago

i've got it on dvd, great film, it's a great thriller that keeps you guessing all the way.
definitely a level above the average sex and violence anime that was out around that time.

i've seen The Iron Giant as well, i loved The Iron Man book that it was based on when i was little so there was no way i wasn't going to see that one.

they changed quite a bit, and there was no giant space bat, not a bad choice for a film version, but they took what made the original book special and added their own take on the origin of the Iron Man/Giant