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‘Sailor Moon’ Getting New Anime Series In 2013

While the manga began twenty-one years ago, this year is the twentieth anniversary of the Sailor Moon anime franchise and a big event in Japan to celebrate it was streamed live via Nico Nico and it contained some news that many were hopeful and expectant about. A new Sailor Moon anime series will have a worldwide simultaneous airing in the summer of 2013. No details were announced beyond that in regards to how the property created by Naoko Takeuchi will be handled, such as a continuation, re-imagining or straight on new adaptation that hews close to the source material, but we did learn that Momoiro Clover Z will be performing the anime’s theme song.

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Archaic3434d ago

Well, that was unexpected. There seems to be a surprising number of old franchises being touched upon again recently. Dragonball Z (though Kai isn't strictly speaking a remake), Hunter x Hunter, Lupin III. I wonder what's started off this wave of nostalgia. Everything having their anniversaries, I suppose?

Lavalamp3434d ago

So the Mask hasn't retired, huh Tux?

DivineHand1253434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Do we really need these series to be remade for the sake of making more money. Why not just come up with new ideas and let them remain as classics.

What i personally would have preferred is the continuation of some of the anime series that just ended too soon like.

Deadman Wonderland
Elfen Lied
Gunsligner Girl
Black Blood Brothers etc.

prettygirl12343433d ago

I hope its good. But how do you change sailor moon it was cool when we was small but going Bk now only there outfits and morals were good even tho I loved it. I just hope its good