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Jormungand – 12 [END] | Metanorn

Metanorn's final impressions of Jormungand.

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Simon_Brezhnev3431d ago

I loved the show. I miss Koko already.

Instigator3431d ago

It was a really good show. We won't have to wait long for more Koko though, because the second season starts airing this fall.

Simon_Brezhnev3431d ago

Thanks i didnt know it was coming in the fall. Maybe i should see if they got a fall list out yet. Ive been watching a lot of new episodes today. Some shows good some pretty bad.

Instigator3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Here's a (kinda scarce) fall season list: . In my opinion it already looks much better than the summer season, with Jormungand, Bakuman, K and Robotics;Notes.

koga883430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

That is a super scarce list indeed, though I'm happy that Darkness is getting a full season from what that shows.

May need to give this Jormungand a shot if it got a second season.

Instigator3430d ago

Yeah, their lists usually fills out during the last couple of weeks leading to a new season, but I think it already looks promising.

And you should definitely give Jormungand a look when you have the time. It's like Black Lagoon with slightly less action and more shady business and sly schemes to come out on top.