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On Okami HD and Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD – Reintroducing Me To Old Friends

Okami and Dragon Ball Z Budokai are both getting the HD treatment and Default Prime writer Kyree Leary couldn't be more excited. Sure, he could go and play them right now if he wanted to, but something about them being updated for current gen consoles is just the excuse he needs to replay them again. And get some achievements along the way.

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koga882716d ago

While an HD Okami is certainly something to be happy for, the fact that they are just making some HD DBZ games seems quite dumb at this point. Perhaps it is because their next DBZ game is going to simply be a kinect title, they are trying to milk some fans further with this HD game?

While I'm sure some really die hard fans will beg to differ, not too much was ever added between these games and that is probably the reason that 2 isn't included, because fans would see how obvious it is that each game they just added more characters to the roster and put one or two more mechanics in.