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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Interview

At the 2012 Japan Expo, there was an interview with Hiroshi Matsuyama, he reveals that after Storm 2 came out Cyberconnect 2 split into two teams and focused on two games, generation and storm 3, which means Storm 3 has been worked on for 2.5 years!
He also reveals awakenings will be available from the start of a match and that their is another game mode which is being kept a secret!

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tayz3487d ago

this makes me happy, real happy! its going to be a real legit game! HECK YEAH!!!!

Yi-Long3487d ago

... which is great so far, when it comes to just the versus battles.

Can't wait for NUNS3!

tayz3487d ago Show
Yi-Long3487d ago

... I just hope they bring back an open world to wander into.

I really hope it will go more towards RPG/Adventure when it comes to the main single-player story-mode, so a huge world to explore, meet people, do quests, etc etc.

A mix between Naruto, Yakuza, Skyrim, and Dragon Quest.