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Toonami's Return: A Gateway Reopens

Otaku USA: "Does Adult Swim's block still have the same power?"

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TheColbertinator3428d ago

I want at least one classic Toonami show added

MEsoJD3428d ago

If anything, I would like to watch Outlaw Star. They lost the right to show many shows though like dbz...

Lord_Sloth3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I have Outlaw Star on DVD. I'd like to see some Gundam. That said, I wouldn't complain to the awesomeness that was Outlaw Star gracing the airwaves.

DrRichtofen3428d ago

I wish toonami was on weekdays

SynGamer3428d ago

Weekdays would be nice, but it's the time slot that needs to change. Midnight to 6AM is ridiculous. 9PM-3AM would be far more receptive...but that doesn't matter because I just dropped cable and will be getting FUNimation Elite when it comes out for Roku. We already have Crunchyroll and Netflix.