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Man Arrested for Uploading One Piece Manga via Share

On July 5, the Shimane Prefectural Police's cyber crime division arrested a local 46-year-old male company worker under suspicion of using the Share file-sharing software to upload manga. The suspect is accused of uploading the 65th volume of the One Piece without the permission of the copyright holders around April 4.

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tayz3429d ago

lol why is the pic of a smiling luffy? this is bad news!

Instigator3429d ago

Well, he is a pirate.

Nah, actually I googled 'angry Luffy', but I like his cheery side much better so that's what I ended up choosing. Let's say he's happy because the chap was caught.

PersonaCat3429d ago

Don't worry, your nakama will come save you!