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Domino’s Pizza Japan Offers Special Set with One Piece Figures

Domino’s Pizza Japan has collaborated with One Piece, one of the most successful manga/anime series in Japan today, since Autumn 2011. They have started offering a new collaboration menu "Domino's Pizza x One Piece Special Set" which contains original figures of the three One Piece characters, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Nami. If you add extra 450 yen (US$5.66) to your order, you can get one of the figures (you can't choose the character), a limited pizza box with One Piece illustrations, and french fries. The set is available from July 9 to September 2. And if you order the special set three times online during the period, you can also receive "One Piece Figure Collection Stage" for the figures.

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the-real-kira3436d ago

Man every thing in Japan is so much better than in the usa