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ANN Review: Heaven's Lost Property Forte DVD - Complete Season 2

Tomoki Sakurai is widely-renowned as one of his town's biggest perverts, but his kind and sincere nature when not being perverted has also resulted in his home playing host to the Angeloids Ikaros and Nymph. As the second year of his association with the Angeloids begins, the dreams of the angelic being he will eventually come to know as Daedalus resume again, warning of further threats from Synapse.

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koga883430d ago

I find it interesting how the review states there is no announcement about a continuation of the show, despite FUNimation already licensing the Clockwork movie and their own site reporting about it and a third season has already been announced.

Plus the person again complains about fan service, though Heaven's Lost Property and the main character mainly focus around that, with only certain serious plot developments.