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New DBZ Movie Website Launched

Toei has launched the website for the 2013 movie staring Goku and the Z Warriors.

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tayz3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

hell yeah! i'm starting to get excited about this!!! yeah they haven't shown us anything, but after 20 years they should be able to make something real good!!

DrRichtofen3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I just hope they don't make any new characters look like they're from a Nick jr. show you know like Vegeta's brothers wife, or the helpless aliens that need Bardocks help. Oh and especially that mini yellow frieza Bardock had to fight, omg I just wanted to pull my hair out when I saw that.

The Z warriors need to be fighting with and against bad asses.

tayz3427d ago

Ohh dude you are soo right! He does look like a Nick Jr character! lol, Chill what a goofy character!!

But ya they need to have a good villian. They've already had am ovie where all the bad guys come back because that was what I was able to say. Wonder what they can do. Brolly a 4th coming?

DaThreats3426d ago

Meh this is from Toei, if this was from Akira Toriyama Himself
Then this would have been big

Lucretia3426d ago

im sure none of the movies were from toriyama

tayz3426d ago

Toriyama is working on this movie...

Deadpool6163426d ago long as they keeping ignoring Dragon Ball GT then I'm happy.

TheRichterBelmont3426d ago

Toriyama has more involvement in this than he has previously had with the anime.

Anyway, I would love Vegetto in this, but a great movie I will settle for.

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