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SMASH! 2012 Event Photos! [Capsule Computers]

Claire Phillips from Capsule Computers wrote :

SMASH! : Sydney Manga and Anime Show. Held at the Sydney Exhibition and Conference Centre at Darling Harbour, this pop culture extravaganza has been growing every year since it’s inception in 2007. From a modest 1400 attendees in a small university hall, SMASH! has grown to fill ever larger venues, boasting attendance figures of over 5000 people last year.

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masterabbott3426d ago

yes there are some awesome cos players that attended

koga883426d ago

Rather talented cosplayers for the event. Seems that most of them spent a lot of time on their costumes.

masterabbott3426d ago

totally agree takes a lot of hard work to get some of those costumes done.