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Rumor: Final Fantasy XV Four Years In Development, Will Release On Current Gen Platforms

The Silent Chief: "You may recall a GamesMaster UK rumor we passed along last Decmeber concerning Final Fantasy XV being announced at E3 of this year.

Well, E3 2012 has come and gone with no unveiling from Square Enix, however, the UK publication stands by its source and shares more speculation on the rpg that Square Enix President Yoichi Wada reportedly wants to 'surpasses The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' and Final Fantasy VII."

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Tuxedo_Mask3420d ago

Since Hiroyuki Ito is listed as the director I'm cautiously optimistic if this is true.

deep_fried_bum_cake3420d ago

I'm excited. Though I imagine this will be doing the rounds on N4G, with people like ranma1 frothing at the mouth.

Xof3419d ago

After XIII, XIII-2, XIV and the vaporware that is Versus, it utterly baffles me why anyone still cares about this franchise.

ShinFuYux3419d ago

I'm still waiting for versus. What ever happened to that?

kevnb3419d ago

Skyrim isnt even the best in series.