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FUNimation Sets October Anime Slate With 'Hellsing Ultimate' Blu-ray, 'Deadman Wonderland' & More

FUNimation's October slate of releases has surfaced via Right Stuf's listings which indicates its final information in terms of pricing and release dates now (discussion here) and that month looks to be particularly brutal with new releases. While fans have had issues with FUNimation during certain release months where there was little new, this month has seven new releases, the Hellsing Ultimate rescue that has it in Blu-ray form and just a few re-releases, including a potentially awesome Tenchi Muyo! Universe Complete Collection.

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koga883424d ago

Dang the article failed to highlight the fact that they have finally got a release date for A Certain Magical Index. Talk about awesome. Very fast turn around for Aria of the Scarlet Ammo as well.