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RUMOR: Darui to be Playable in Naruto Storm 3

Mid-combo awakening may also be in the game.

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tayz3423d ago

i would love to do mid combo awakenings.. sounds so boss!!

tayz3423d ago

hmmm i thought i was first. how did you beat me?

Lord_Sloth3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Just put Kotetsu and Izumi in already! I've wanted to play them forever!


I mean seriously, these 2 took down Kakuzu after he was revived without much effort at all. How badass is that!?


tayz3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

that hasn't happened in the anime yet? hmm, i been spoiled cause i did not know that happened...!

but if therte in the war there probably in the game

Lord_Sloth3423d ago

I don't watch the anime so I dunno. I just read the manga. Sorry, dude. They didn't really show it anyway. Just the start of the fight and then the 2 of them holding his ass down like a couple of bosses!

tayz3423d ago

ahh no prob. i read the manga too but the anime stuff seems pretty much new to me because of how far behind it is

pompombrum3422d ago

Don't remember the manga that well but did those two really take down Kakuzu? That's an absolute joke lol.

Lord_Sloth3422d ago

After he was revived with the forbidden Jutsu by Kabuchimaru.

Not really sure what makes it a joke. We've never really gotten to see them fight so we dunno what they're capable of. They've been Chuunin for years though so I'd assume they're at least moderately tough.

koga883422d ago

Hell, with the current Ninja War arc they could probably add like, 15-20 new fighters in just from this arc alone.