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Naming The Next Kingdom Hearts Game

One brave GI editor tries to out-crazy Square Enix by coming up with 11 ridiculous titles for the next Kingdom Hearts game.

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Instigator3418d ago

'Kingdom Hearts: The Touching of Thought' Actually sounds like something SE would come up with.

mt3417d ago

I wish the next Kingdom Hearts will be name Kingdom Hearts 3, and release on PS3 and whatever consoles

extermin8or3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

I'd go ps4 not ps3 as they usually take quite a while to develop anything (that development team) and next gen consoles are expected within the next 2 years ish; would make sense to have it on ps4 rather than release it for ps3 just as it's about to be superseded
Edit: However HD collection seems more likely, faster to release AND will bring people who don't own all the consoles the series has spread itself across up to speed on wtf is going on :p

MEsoJD3417d ago

Well if it's a main title it should just be called, "Kingdom Hearts III".

DEATHxTHExKIDx3417d ago

Next Kingdom hearts game is either KH:HD collection or KH3. Problly the HD collection since they said they wanted it to return to consoles and expressed interest in HD and Im betting KH3 is coming out for awhile.

hazelamy3417d ago

Kingdom Hearts and then the appropriate number isn't an option then?