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In Memoriam? (Kind of) Remembering Final Fantasy Versus XIII

1UP: "Word has it today that Square Enix's long-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been quietly taken out behind the woodshed to put a bullet unceremoniously into its temple as a compassionate act of mercy killing. If true, this news is at once shocking at not at all surprising.

Let's brood, shall we?"

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koga882700d ago

So one rumor article appears and the death knell of FFXIII Versus already begins? How about we wait for some actual confirmation of some sort before saying the game is dead and gone.

Lavalamp2700d ago

It's a pretty easy way for a site to get hits, so the more sensational the header (like 'The Demise of the Final Fantasy Series'), the more traffic they are going to receive. The Anime Shinbun community seems to be pretty level-headed about the rumor, no one's going cray.