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Fans rage over Final Fantasy Versus XIII cancellation

Yesterday Kotaku stated that an anonymous source had informed the website that Square Enix had cancelled Final Fantasy versus XIII (FFv13) and the publisher was not going to officially announce the cancellation so that the share prices would not be affected.

This rumour has lead to an uproar from Playstation 3 gamers as many Japanese Role Playing Game (RPG) fans were eagerly awaiting the title and they feel that Square Enixs has ‘betrayed’ them for the second time.

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Tuxedo_Mask3425d ago

I'd wait and see what, if anything, Nomura says about this.

Flavor3425d ago

The power of rumor and psychology upon the weak minded.

Black-Helghast3424d ago

Who wouldn't rage? I've waited more than 4 years for this game.