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A Collage History of Mecha Through the Years

Over the last couple months, Pixiv artist Kurosshu has been posting a series of interconnected collages tracking the history of anime's mecha from Astro Boy and Gigantor to Nano Shinonome and Gundam AGE.

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tayz3421d ago

Mecha is a big turn off for me. I heard Gundam was good, but robots.. just cant stand'em!

Lavalamp3421d ago

Put Naruto in a Gundam, tayz falls in love with Gundams.

tayz3421d ago

lol that could be the only exception but naruto in gundam will never happen!!

deep_fried_bum_cake3421d ago

I know how you feel, I'm not a fan either. Though I liked Code Geass and I'm enjoying Accel World currently.