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LinkageAX3898d ago

Bloody rumours, wish "journalists" would get their facts straight.

masterabbott3898d ago

yeah true gotta agree with the crazy guy

koga883898d ago

Wasn't even facts in the first place, it was Kotaku taking "anonymous sources" which don't exist and trying to get people all riled up. Which I suppose worked considering their freaking CEO had to come out and say he's working on it actively.

Xof3897d ago

You can't lay all the blame on Kotaku. Sure, they're the ones who created the rumor... but that didn't stop nearly every other gaming news site from picking up and repeating the story.

Basically, it's just another example of why gaming journalism--all of it--is absolute garbage.

You know, for the comatose, mentally-retarded nitwits who still have doubts about that kind of thing.

masterabbott3898d ago

Well it's good to see that its not cancelled.

coaidant3898d ago

Damn would of been happy to see this one cancelled

KingPin3897d ago

coaidant so true.

il rather have a game canceled than having to wait forever for it.

but to be honest, SE should either release the game or cancel it. i couldnt care less about it anymore. was looking forward to it but lost interest in it a long time ago.

deep_fried_bum_cake3898d ago

Of course it wasn't cancelled, all this has shown is that people will believe anything they read on the internet.

kingPoS3897d ago

I've learned my lesson.(goes and deep scrubs Kotaku's existence from his comp)

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