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Dragon Ball Z Movie at V-Jump Festa

Two images from the event have been released.

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tayz3898d ago

i really want to see the trailer!!! hope it comes online soon!!

DarkBlood3897d ago

ultimate gohan
super sayian 3 goku
Super Sayian 2 Vegeta

and Kamicolo :P lol

will be interesting to see just how powerfull this new enemy will be when you got these guys at thier fullest

RockmanII73897d ago

Or it will be a repeat of the Tarble movie, and the villain is super weak and Goten/Trunks get to take him out.

tachy0n3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

does anybody know in what languages this movie will be available? (DUB)

Treian3897d ago

just wait for the subbed version

natches3897d ago

dbz has fallen off in recent years probably because they have too much money now. they have gotting lazy dbz games are not well thought up or put together they gameplay is just sad and graphics need more work all their games feel like they were rushed. the most recent movies/show spin off are on the weak side as well, with little to no hand to hand fighting because that cost more money to make, so the fight you can all most know what will happen. power up big energy blast then the end. dbz use to rule the anime world of Japan and even put usa action cartoon to shame with top of the line choreography some of the best even seen in an anima/action cartoon even up until today even. but dbz is in it for the money now, and as a long time fan its hard for me to admit it they drop the ball and kick it over the fence, we as fans need to stop supporting them, at one time on toonmai they said dbz had over 61 million fans so making bad games and bad movies is ok because it will sell no matter what. this is the problem