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3 Steps to Square Enix's Success

We’re currently sat in the middle of a draught, an RPG draught If you will; but you’ll do well to remember the days of SquareSoft and Enix prior to their merger in 2003, both were giants of the RPG genre during the 90s but have recently lost their throne to the sudden influx of Western RPGs such as The Elder Scrolls and everything that floats out of BioWare.

However, given the correct guidance Chris Leddy feels that Square Enix could be put back on path of righteousness, one full of third party titles, remakes and fanservice

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koga883897d ago

Square Enix success plan:

Put two capital fs infront of a number or word = Profit

Plus the reason why no one ever likes the new Final Fantasy games is because everyone is too busy living ten years in the past. Sure FFVII to FFIX were great games, but they've made better games since then and personally the FFXII series was just fine as an RPG. People will nitpick over everything that isn't FFVII nowadays.

aDDicteD3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

well final fantasy fans were just expecting to live up to the predecessors because the continuity was really good since ff6 by then they were very continuous on giving us good classic rpg games (final fantasy 6,7,8,9,10) then after 10 it degraded. 12 and 13 were good but not as good as ff6-10 so maybe all of us ff lovers are just waiting to play a FF game that is as good as those 5 titles.