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Can I Get a Pulse?

Joystiq: "The fact that such a binary choice can't make it out from behind the industry's ultra-starched curtain of secrecy is baffling – and becomes gradually less so the more times you see it happen. Either Versus is canceled, meaning we can all move on and pray that someone else makes a game about a young, androgynous guy with magical swords, or it's still in development, which is important news for people hoping to purchase it somewhere down the line. There's always lag and confusion between different parts of a company, only one of which is allowed to speak with true authority, but checking a pulse should be more primal than this."

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iWishTifaWasReal3627d ago

how long do i have to suffer waiting for this?

tayz3627d ago

wow, Lava, your post was reported!

AsimLeonheart3626d ago

The author refer to Noctis as an "Androgynous guy"... Once again an arrogant and self-righteous westerner speaks. Why dont you people understand that nations and people have different standards of masculinity and feminine beauty. Do you know that people like you in the east also think of western men as ugly, overgrown, crude and unattractive. What you are calling androgynous is a perfectly normal, young and handsome guy in many eastern countries including Japan. You need to acknowledge that no standard is absolute and no one is right. You western people are not the pinnacle and epitome of manliness and neither are your women the height of feminine beauty. People belonging to different cultures have different preferences and standards beauty for both genders. Even the much derided Vaan from FFXII was beloved of young Japanese girls. Next time speak with an open mind and understanding of different cultures.

Darrius Cole3626d ago

Standards of beauty, masculinity, and femininity change over time within the same culture as well. Once upon a time not long ago the androgynous look for men was in style in certain circles of the US. It was considered cool but it was still androgynous. Just because a particular culture holds a certain look as the standard of a "good-looking" man doesn't mean that said "certain look" is not androgynous.

And there absolutes as far as men and women are concerned because there are certain looks that simply can not be achieved by the other gender. Big bulging muscles and beards are things that women can't do and big breasts are things the men can't have.

I do agree that different cultures value different qualities. However, I find that people tend to overstate the differences in people. People are more alike than they are different.