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Oops: Problems with the UK Panty & Stocking DVD

The UK is gearing up for the release of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt on the 30th, though it seems that a select few have received their copies early. Business as usual when it comes to ordering online, but it has become apparent that there are a few issues with the DVD.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3628d ago

There's an anime called Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt.....the Japanese are weird.

Having read up on the series there though, it does sound sort of interesting.

koga883628d ago

It is very interesting. Hell it's quite hilarious actually. Though you have to be a bit of a fan of completely off the wall comedy though as some things come completely out of nowhere in the series.

deep_fried_bum_cake3628d ago

Might check it out then, I like my comedy as crazy as possible.


can't hate this anime because it's from the same guys that made Gurren Laggan