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Can Americans Make Anime?

Find the biggest bowl you own and inside of it, place one protagonist with powerful and unique abilities. Next, pour in an exceptionally talented team of supportive friends. Then, add a seemingly impervious villain who aims to remake the world according to his own warped ideals. Throw in a few dashes of strong themes like family, friendship, fear, and death, blend it all together with plenty of beautiful visuals and flawless voice acting.

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kingPoS3628d ago

I don't care if it's anime or cartoon. The TLOK rocked. ^_^
R.I.P. Skyland 2005-2007

young juice3627d ago

does anyone here know about 'The Boondocks' by Aaron Mcgruder? great korean animators. also funny as #^%$ and has an important message for most cultures. but mostly African-Americans such as myself. which is probably why i love it so much

I prefer it over most anime

Lord_Sloth3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


Americans can make a kickass cartoon with the feel of an anime just as the Japanese can make some very bad anime.

gaffyh3628d ago

Only thing I don't like about stuff like Avatar and Legend of Korra is that they are very comedy-focused. In fact, pretty much every cartoon that comes out of America is like that, and you very rarely see stuff that is super-serious. I can't imagine seeing something like Death Note come out of an American studio because of the rules and regulations in the US.

Plus, whenever there is a popular anime that comes out in the West, some dumb kid always tries to re-enact a scene (like the kid who died because his friends were performing Gaara's desert coffin move on him). You never hear about stuff like that happening in Japan because they are used to cartoons like that.

gaffyh3628d ago

btw, I'm not saying Avatar or Korra is bad, they're my favourite non-anime cartoons.

CrescentFang3627d ago

I found The Legend of Korra to have very little comedy, which I missed a lot from the original Avatar series.
Though I understand where you are coming from...

Simon_Brezhnev3627d ago

Yeah i found very little comedy in Korra. I actually liked Korra on how mature it got. Legend of Korra and Young Justice is the best we go to offer.

aDDicteD3627d ago

for me the feel of anime and cartoons are just so different. americans can make it close but still not the same feel as the japanese anime. their just so different in humor, fighting sequence, etc.

wishingW3L3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

the problem with American cartoons is that they don't acknowledge sexuality or violence like anime does so for an older audience it ends up as some shallow crap for kids. Because of that Americans will never be able to create masterpieces like: Madoka, Zeta Gundam, Evangelion, Rumbling Hearts, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, etc.

You can attack me with some of the older Disney movies like Bambi or Pocahontas which are really deep but those are big budgets films and I'm talking about animated series here. Americans doesn't dare to think outside the box, they are too scared of what the media will say about an animated series which is aimed at kids while having violence like Naruto or DBZ on TV. I remember the writers of the old Batman series from the 90's said that it was hard to create stories for the series because they weren't allowed to kill anybody nor show blood and nowadays things have become even more strict.

aDDicteD3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

exactly, well i watched the batman animated series and yup they said that most of it were hold back for kids views but it still it was a great cartoons back then but could had been better. cartoons nowadays are getting better and better but it still lacks the main elements that makes it different to anime.i could say that cartoons is so much fun when you are a kid and anime is so much fun for kids , for teens and mature audiences as well.

Simon_Brezhnev3627d ago

I watch a lot of anime and its more bad anime than good. Same as american cartoons. The only new quality shows i can think of is Young Justice and Legeond of Korra.

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