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Diehard GameFAN: kimi ni todoke – From Me to You Volume Three Premium Edition Review

DHGF: All in all, I just can’t recommend Volume III of kimi ni todoke. The series moves at a snail’s pace, dragging out what could have ended in Volume I out to a total of thirty-eight episodes. The Premium Edition is a fraction of the quality seen in other Nippon Ichi releases, and the entire affair is just a disappointment from beginning to end. It’s a shame, as I was quite pleased with Volume I’s episodes, but after three volumes of episodes where nothing happens, every character is stupid and Premium Editions that just aren’t up to Nippon Ichi’s usual level of quality, I strongly suggest avoided the series as a whole. You’ll be glad you did. It starts off wonderfully but by the time you get to end, it’s just been a colossal train wreck where you want your fifteen hours of life back.

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