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Naruto Creator Says Main Villan Identity Revealed In Next Few Weeks

We will soon know who Tobi is.

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tayz3891d ago

*throat dry* omg omg omg! will it be Obito!?! or Shisui! or Madara's little brother!?!/ These are gonna be a loooong few weeks!!

koga883890d ago

It is actually Shadow Naruto from an alternate dimension which was destroyed by the massive emo field generated by the Uchiha clan. That's why he has a black hole in his eye, its the result of escaping the lack hole of emoness which swallowed his dimension.

tayz3890d ago

that would be crazy if its Menma!!! lol the hair is there but I don't think Kishi would put the filler character in the main series

NewMonday3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Tobi is too old to be Obito, he was a fully powered adult in the time of Naruto's birth and also the time of the Uchiha clan massacre

he could be an entirely new character .

but myself i have a gut feeling he is a Uzumaki like Naruto

koga883890d ago

@tayz Huh, didn't even know there was actually a Shadow Naruto of some sort.. guess I have to pay a bit more attention to the side-stuff sometimes haha.

wishingW3L3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Tobi being an Uzumaki make sense because he knows a lot about the 9-Tails and he knew how to control it with the sharingan too. So he's either an Uchiha or an Uzumaki with the eyes of somebody else. I remember that Tobi once explained that people from the Uzumaki clan are born with tons of chakra and strong bodies, that's why they were always selected to be the jinchuriki of the 9-Tails. So sharingan shouldn't be a bother to Tobi like it is for Kakashi.

But one thing is for sure, Tobi is from Konoha.

Max Power3890d ago

Uzumaki's are descendents of Sage of 6 Paths through the younger son, who has the Rinnengan, where as the Uchiha are descendants of the other son, who had the Sharingan. Since Tobi has the Sharingan, and not the Rinnegan at first I don't think he is an Uzumaki.

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youndamie3890d ago

I have a strong feeling its going to be the sage of six paths

WeskerChildReborned3890d ago

No one knows. My guess would be Izuna or Obitio.

HelloHowAreYou3890d ago

It's not Obito.

Why? Obito died as a young teenager. Even if he was revived, he's still a corpse. He can't just automatically age just like that. If you see Tobi's face, he has the face of an old man.

Only two people to ever possess a Sharingan outside of the Uchiha was Danzo and Kakashi.

Only people related to Naruto's bloodline besides The Uchiha's being a distant bloodline relative of Naruto and the Senju is Karin, Nagato and Kushina Uzimaki.

Only possible person to be Tobi Is Kagami Uchiha since he knows Kakashi and Guy very well and who was part of 2nd Hokage's team called TOBIrama. I think that name there should be more than enough. Tobi at some point during the Uchiha Clan Massacre met with Danzo who was part of team TOBIrama.

Tobi can't be Madara's brother because Madara killed his younger brother and took his eyes so he wouldn't go blind and too strengthen his Mangekyo Sharingan.

It cannot be The Sage of the Six Paths younger brother because he is the 1st Senju in the bloodline.

Cannot be Shisui Uchiha because he was murdered

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wishingW3L3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

"Kishimoto: Tobi’s Identity Revealed Within Next Few Weeks"

"Naruto Creator Says Main Villan Identity Revealed In Next Few Weeks"

wow, what a fail tittle change this is... For a moment I thought it was going to be a new character but is just the identity of Tobi. I bet he is an elder from Konoha that extended his life through various experiments or something. Maybe a disciple of Madara that no knew existed. But the thing is, what is gonna happen now that Madara's on the loose? No one can stop him since now he controls his own Edo Tensei, he's practically immortal and he is powerful as hell too. Not even the 5 Kages united can stand against him.

tayz3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

also whats wrong with the title? it makes sense? i didnt like the original one since tobi has different names like masked man and no one.

crxss3890d ago

Title's fine tayz. Don't know why @wishing would think it'd be a new character

HelloHowAreYou3890d ago

Possible spoiler: It's either SOTSP's eldest son, Kagami Uchiha, and or Shisui Uchiha. It can't be no one else.

deep_fried_bum_cake3890d ago

We all already knew who the main villain was though. They aren't gonna just introduce someone now and say that they re the main villain.

tayz3890d ago

It could be Danzo... he is an elder that wanted power and was twisted. he's dead ya, but he could have done the thing like Orochimaru and came back to life.

crxss3890d ago

It's not Obito, Shisui, or Danzo. All those theories are nonsense. Izuna is possible but unlikely

HelloHowAreYou3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Danzo is DEAD. He's never been dead before or has never been resurrected after. Also when Sasuke Fought Danzo, Tobi was also their , so It can't be Danzo

Simon_Brezhnev3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

NO matter how Kishi tries to surprise us it will fail like usual. I bet people already guessed who it is. Either way it will be somebody we thought was dead since Naruto is basically a zombie manga/anime now.

tayz3890d ago

No, my friend, Kishi-sama will never fail! He is the #1 mangaka in the history of the world!

You will be surprised when you see who Tobi is, I stake my ninja pride on it!!!

Simon_Brezhnev3890d ago

If you think he is the best then something is wrong with you. You already act like your part of the Naruto world.

SkullBlade1693890d ago

Everybody has their own opinions and favorites. :P

He's not mine though.

Raikirii3890d ago

Lol, even though I admire Tayz' passion for Naruto, this made me laugh.

I personally don't care who it is, as long as the back story is good.

NewMonday3890d ago

he would need to do other great Manga first

Simon_Brezhnev3890d ago

True but lol Tayz is way too wild over Naruto.

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