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Samurai 7 Coming to Toonami

DualShock Nexus: Starting on August 18, 2012, Samurai 7 will begin airing on Toonami.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3885d ago

I guess since its new to toonami thats fine. I was kinda hoping for something New since Ive already watched this on netflix a couple times.

GUNS N SWORDS3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

..........both samurai champloo and samurai 7 were on toonami back in 06, they were really late at night, around 1:00 AM i think.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3884d ago

Samurai champloo has never been on Toonami Adult Swim yes. Samurai 7 Has NEVER been on Toonami till now It was On IFC I gurantee you. You may be mistaking it with Samurai Jack.

D3acon3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

That figures , I've waited a long time to see this and just began watching last week on Netflix . There's only 3 episodes left. It's cowboy bebop all over again, I was one of the people to never see the show so I bought the series next week toonami returns from the dead. Worst timing ever.

MaideninBlack3884d ago

Already saw this on IFC years ago and I never want to see it again. Story was nice but too many of my favorite characters died.

Guess I should have watched the movie this anime is kinda based off of before I got caught up in it.

iamlegend99993884d ago

Nice, they need to snag fairy tail though

Gekko3884d ago

This are looking good for Toonami. I wish they brought it back over to the UK.