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Slam Dunk: Volume 23 manga review | ComicBookBin

The Shohoku Prefecture High School basketball team has the dedication and discipline it takes to be the best. Takenori Akagi, team captain and starting center, dreams of making it to the finals of Nationals, but, as a third year (essentially a senior), this is his last shot at a championship. But to win, hotshot freshmen, like superstar Kaede Rukawa and basketball novice, Hanamichi Sakuragi, must learn to play together as a team. If winning isn’t everything, why is second place less desirable than first place?

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wishingW3L3889d ago

I didn't know the manga went through the nationals because the anime ends exactly at that point, when things are finally going to get good. It wasn't much of an ending either, just an unfinished anime but overall it was worth watching, specially episode 93 when the coach teaches Sakuragui how to shoot.

Simon_Brezhnev3889d ago

Thats one thing i had about a lot of 90s animes. They never finish them i cant tell you how many good animes i saw made in the 90s that never finished.