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A look at Metrocon 2012

Japanator's Salvador G-Rodiles writes: "Located in the port area of Tampa lies one of the largest anime cons that you will encounter in the state of Florida -- whoopee. Based on my experience with Florida cons, Florida is not the best place to go if you are looking for a great anime con experience (At least in my opinion.). Anime Supercon was mediocre due to its small size and lack of interesting activities and panels. Megacon may be the largest convention in Florida, but it is more a comic book convention (It's not a bad con, it's that the anime stuff tends to be less of a priority there.). With that said, I made sure to come into Metrocon 2012 with low expectations. However, the con manages to impress me with what it has to offer. "

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Gekko3886d ago

All of those cosplay look amazing, especially the #5, #11 and #14 going from the right.