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Bleach Manga enters hiatus due to sickness

Tite Kubo has temporarily placed Bleach on hiatus due to a sudden illness.

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Lucretia3881d ago

the sudden illness is his lack of idea's on how to drag the series out.

hopefully he is fine health wise though

futurefrog3882d ago

holy crap this is bad news!

gaffyh3882d ago

Great, now we'll have to wait even longer to get the anime back. I hope he gets better soon.

ApolloTheBoss3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

So you care more about an anime than someone's well being? Disturbing.

gaffyh3881d ago

The first sentence is about the hiatus. The second is about his being unwell. I meant both statements in different ways.

Simon_Brezhnev3882d ago

I hope he gets well soon i did hear about this Wednesday though. I just hope he dont take a long hiatus like Yoshihiro Togashi(Hunter X Hunter author).

koga883882d ago

Nah from the looks of it he is going to be back in about three weeks or so. Have to give him some credit, he's writing some decent storylines at the moment with Bleach so he's probably working himself harder than he has in awhile at that. Hopefully he'll be able to recover fully in that time frame.

Simon_Brezhnev3882d ago

Yeah i like Bleach actually. People always find ways to diss him. I'm liking the way he is doing the war. It shows you anything can happen in a war. I really think Kubo wants to be more violent and mature. A lot of people say he should do a Seinen next.

Torunkz3882d ago

Togashi takes long hiatus, but when he comes back he brings good material. Plus now theres the HXH 2011 anime to watch while we wait, before it was wait 8 months to 1year then get 10 chapters, it was hell.


i wish HOTD was back from it's darkness

LinkageAX3882d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.