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Fairy Tail Blu-Ray + DVD - Part 4 Review | ANN

Carlo Santos writes: "A world of limitless possibilities: dozens of characters, layers upon layers of back-story, and magical powers ... So why, then, does the series insist on using the same formula over and over?"

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koga883884d ago

Boy do they actively dislike Fairy Tail over at ANN...

Simon_Brezhnev3884d ago

Well i use to like Fairy Tail until that horrible bs Hades arc. I lost all hope after that.

koga883884d ago

Really? I actually really liked that whole arc, especially after the Grimoire Heart guild showed up. Then again, this is one of the earlier arcs where Laxus betrays the main guild allowing multiple side-characters to actually get some time to shine.

Simon_Brezhnev3884d ago

Well my problem was Natsu was suppose 2 lose against Zancrow he pulled a bs power up. Then he was suppose to definite lose against Hades. Yet he pulled another power up. This is one time he should had lost. The author is scared to let Natsu lose. Even your boy Yusuke Urameshi lost fights before. lol

I call fairy tail the nakama power up anime. It puts dragon ball z to shame with their bs power ups.


my favorite arc is when they go to the other universe where erza is a super crazy evil bitch