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Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Announced

The next installment of the fighting game series BlazBlue has just been announced at BluFes2012.

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Lord_Sloth3878d ago

Every other game anywhere just fell off of my priority list.

Simon_Brezhnev3878d ago

Lol Man i didnt get BBCSE because it had one new character and some changes. Since they showed Azrael im getting this day one. He got swag like Slayer.

Baka-akaB3878d ago

just sold my previous BB games and bought CSE for the collection because of the news .

It also helps that Atlus screwed up with region locking P4A

Simon_Brezhnev3878d ago

Did they screw it up for PS3. I thought all PS3 games was region free. Im getting P4A tomorrow. I'm just glad i can finally drop Tager and play with somebody my style Azrael.

Whitefox7893878d ago

Did you play as Slayer in GG? Just curious, even though I played as Sol and Order Sol in GG (Trying out Faust for GG XX AC +R) I play BB with Hazama and Relius Clover. Heck man if you wanted to get your Slayer fix (with Johnny's ponytail) I would've thought you'd play as Valkenhayn.

Also yes P4A is region locked due to the fear of the Japanese market waiting a week later for the western release; importing it, and save $30, since pricing in Japan is inflated so the release copies of P4A in JPN and other Asia territories is $90.

Lavalamp3878d ago

The trailer says winter 2012. I guess that's the arcade version, so we can expect the console version in spring 2013. Can't wait!

Whitefox7893878d ago

You are correct, and we can only hope who knows maybe someone might be able to rig up a PC version of the arcade version like they did with CS1?

Though I'm more leaning towards a summer release such as they did with CS1.

Simon_Brezhnev3878d ago

Yeah i hope the arcade version gets leaked to PC again. I really want to master Azrael and Bullet.