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Crunchyroll is the Perfect Anime App for PS3 Users

Gaming Examiner's Sarah Fox tests Crunchyroll's recently released app for PS3.

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D3acon3884d ago

It would be better if they also included the free service. English dubbs would be a plus

Simon_Brezhnev3884d ago

I know right im not paying to watch. LOL. I mean they could get more money from the free service since it has commercials.


it's crap,i 'll wait for Neon Alley to come up and stick with that for a while until HULU decides to add new stuff

Tuxedo_Mask3884d ago

I had a few technical difficulties with it, but they said they've submitted a patch for it to Sony.

Hopefully that fixes all the problems I had with it, because if they do I probably won't be watching cable much anymore.

Gekko3883d ago

Perfect would be implying that there is nothing to improve on and from what I read in this story, it tells me otherwise. I understand that making the quality better is expensive but perhaps they could show more ads to fix that.

Apart from quality, everything's okay here. Hopefully they continue working on adding more series and maybe make a Playstation Vita app? Making it free would be even better but that's asking for too much.