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CyberConnect2 Wants Your Suggestions for Naruto Storm 3

The team behind Asura's Wrath, .hack, and the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series of games is asking for suggestions from the fans.

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tayz3879d ago

i submitted my 2 cents! team jutsus all the way!

Yi-Long3879d ago

These were my suggestions:

- Air-Throws

- Have a huge open world to wander into and run and jump around in, with lots of fun side-missions, ninja-skill-games, collectables, puzzles, fights, etc etc.

- Make the SP a bit more like an Adventure the likes of Yakuza 4, Skyrim, Arkham City, etc.

- I would like to unluck artwork from the comics and artbooks (colored comic art and covers), which is of higher quality than the usual stills from the TV-show. Also, I'd love to unlock sketches and concept-art for this game, the characters, the backgrounds, etc.

- Less boring backgrounds/arenas in the fights! The levels you fought in in NUNS2 were REALLY boring, so I just stuck to the pretty Konoha level.
NUNS Generations had a couple more interesting backgrounds, but still too few. Throw in some more animations and stuff, like birds in the sky and whatever.
Maybe even consider interactive levels, like the Dead or Alive series!

- Sexy Jutsu for Naruto! Nose-bleed stun for victims!

Not sure if it was sent properly, as I got some japanese text when I submitted it, which didn't make much sense when I threw it into google translate...

tayz3879d ago

yesss i want sexy jutsu for naruto!! can't believe they did not have that in storm 1 or generations!! i agree with the stages too!!

black9113879d ago

Make it a PS3 exclusive again. Once it went multiplatform the graphics were dumbed down.

tayz3879d ago

i'd love ps3 exclusive...cuz i have a ps3! bu theyd never do that!

aviator1893879d ago

I honestly did not see a considerable drop in quality of graphics let alone a drop at all. Why would you want them to sacrifice reaching a larger audience for a possible slight increase in the quality of graphics? That's pretty selfish of you, imo.

lastofgen3879d ago

what are you talking about?? the graphics weren't dumbed down. they practically looked the same, even a little better in some aspects.
besides, they've already confirmed that it will be on both the 360 and ps3.

Lord_Sloth3878d ago

As a primary PS3 gamer I'm gonna say share the wealth of this awesome game. No need to hog it all to ourselves, especially when going multi-play didn't hinder it.

Shadonic3878d ago

thankyou glad to see a true gamer people get to caught up in the console wars a great game is a great game and it should be shared with everyone and even if its not multiplat it should still be supported by everyone no matter the console.

Archaic3878d ago

I'd have to go completely the opposite. Go multi-platform (including Wii U), and make sure the online allows people with different consoles to play against each other.

And while they're at's see the inclusion of the Road to Ninja alternate versions of characters.

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AznGaara3879d ago

Add another attack button, please. I've been wanting this since Narutimate Accel.

tawak3878d ago

this is what i told them, this is only me

"why don't you guys just used only one version per character instead of multiple version of single character.
Naruto - instead of having multiple version of Naruto. why not just used one that can transform by pressing R3 or L3 in the gameplay when a certain power meter reached level 1,2,3 ...(so on), And option to change it in the character selection option before gameplay as well. "

Handbag19923878d ago

Mini-Shukaku mode for young Gaara. I still have no idea why that already hasn't been included.

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