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Tokyo’s Tokyo! Manga-Inspired Manga Store

Sui Ying Teoh:

Talk about immersion! Stepping into Tokyo’s Tokyo in Shibuya is like stepping into page after page of manga. This manga and anime store shows the rest of the world how otakus in Japan keep it classy, even when they’re just stopping by for their Weekly Jump. The rest of the world will just have to live vicariously.

The store was designed by Tokyo-based Ryo Matsui Architects. Design and construction took a total of 7 months, and it was time well spent. Tokyo’s Tokyo looks airy and fun, its muted tones bringing attention to its brightly colored merchandise. This is no dark, dank comic book store.

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tayz3875d ago

cool! looks like a manga book!

deep_fried_bum_cake3875d ago

Cool, the west needs more creativity like this.

RurouniKaze3874d ago

Its rather unique though I think the design has a flaw where it created a lackluster in space for shelving as compared to normal shelves.

Fantastic idea though