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First promo shown for new Hayate the Combat Butler anime

The first promo trailer for Hayate the Combat Butler: Can't Take My Eyes Off You has appeared online.

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koga883878d ago

So from the looks of the trailer they are going to throw Ruka into the mix when Nagi has her mansion and riches still? Can't wait to learn more about this one, especially since Ruka has quickly become one of my favorite characters in Hayate.


i hope they animate his past, that arc in the manga was awesome . especially when he meets one of the side characters for the 1st time.

Archaic3877d ago

I never did get into the original series. Always meant to, never really got the time. I gather that this mixes things up compared to the original manga timeline though? Not sure how I feel about that sort of thing to be honest. It's one thing to add filler. It's another to outright change stories. Has the original author voiced his feelings on the changes at all?

koga883876d ago

Well the original author helped make the story for this one so I would assume that he is happy with it. From the looks of it they are jumping backwards around 150 chapters to where the group was still in the mansion while introducing Ruka, a character that showed up only 30ish chapters ago, in as one of the main people probably. So it'll be some sort of original story I guess, though that should be alright too.

Hell if the anime went in chronological order from the last season, they would need like 100 episodes to catch up to their current position.